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HIV Reservoirs Meeting Program Unveiled – An Exciting Line-Up

Posted on Thursday, 14 April 2011 in Meetings

In the hunt for a cure for HIV, it can definitely help to gather together with other experts on the subject. It's of utmost importance for researchers to collaborate and share information with one another, and that is the purpose of the ‘HIV Persistence During Therapy International Workshop’. This gathering of top researchers in the field of HIV reservoirs is bound to be a fruitful time, and now we find this HIV reservoirs meeting program unveiled, as the schedule is now set and available for viewing. The first day will begin with an evening Welcoming Reception, but things get pretty focused after that.

On Day 2 of the HIV reservoirs meeting program, there will be three sessions: "Models of HIV Persistence," "Basic Science of HIV Persistence," and "Virological Aspects of HIV Persistence." Subjects include "Viral Reservoirs & Reactivation/Eradication Strategies in SHIV-Infected Macaques," "In-Vitro Cellular Models of HIV Persistence," "Barriers to HIV Eradication," "New Mechanisms of HIV Transcriptional Latency," "Non-T-Cell HIV Reservoirs," "Monitoring HIV Reservoirs," and selected abstracts. The featured speakers come from all over the world, including the United States, Italy, France, Sweden, and Spain. There will be poster viewing sessions after each session, with breaks for lunch and dinner.

Day 3 of the HIV reservoirs meeting program contains a packed schedule with five sessions: "Innate Immunity and HIV Persistence," "Immune Control of HIV Reservoirs," "Research Presentations from Firms Supporting the Meeting," "Acute HIV Infection," and "Anatomic Reservoirs." Subjects include "How HIV Avoids Innate Immunity," "Innate Immunity & the Establishment of HIV Reservoirs," "The Role of Chemokines in the Establishment of HIV Latency," "The Impact of HIV-Associated Inflammation on HIV Persistence," "New Strategies at Acute HIV Infection," "Mega-HAART at Acute HIV Infection," "Gut HIV Reservoirs," and "HIV in Lymphoid Tissue." There will be poster viewing sessions and breaks for lunch and dinner.

On Day 4 of the HIV reservoirs meeting program, there's a bit of a lighter load: only two sessions, both on "New Approaches & Eradication Trials." Subjects include "Strategies Targeting HIV Reservoirs," "Perspectives on Therapeutic Intervention and Eradication in HIV Infection," "Anti-Latency Drugs Development," "The Anti-Latency Activity of Vorinostat In Vivo: Preliminary Findings," "CCR5 Knock-Out in Hematopoietic Stem Cells," "Interim Analysis of a Trial Testing Targeted Gene Disruption of CCR5," "CXCR4 Knock-Out," and "Excision of HIV Proviral DNA Using Tre-Recombinase." There will be poster viewing sessions, and the day will close with workshop conclusions.

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